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Sudoservice provides full management, technical supply, and all concerned services.

The company has completed service & supply operation of  more than 12.000 ships and have remarkable projects for the future development.

Technical Management (approved by RMRS class)

Our team ensures that these vessels are operated in a safe, reliable, efficient and compliant fashion.

Our skilled technical teams monitor vessel performance and condition through regular reporting from the ships and detailed onboard inspections.

This ensures that owners get the greatest value from their assets which are fully maintained, surveyed and audited  to comply with all national and international legislations.

Detailed running cost reports are prepared to ensure that owners are kept fully informed of the financial position, and regular meetings are held with owners to discuss both the technical and financial aspects of the vessel performance during.


Repair and Maintenance


Our wide network of expert staff and contacts with selected local repair & maintenance companies which has IACS CLASS approvements  guarantees competitive high-quality standards on repair works on deck and engine equipment as well as GMDSS, navigation, safety equipment.


Dry Docking and Repair


We have contracts with major shipyards in their regions to reduce costs of major repairs and provide expert supervision of all work.

Our technical  department offers the best & correct shipyard for your vessel to reduce cost and time spend during shipyard periods.

This also allows us to propose upgrades to owners in order to comply with future legislation and maximize efficiency.

The result is a respected record of budget compliance and on-time completion. As well as routine dockings, we have expertise in lay-up and reactivation, conversions and major refits.


Compliance Audits


Sudoservice  carries out audit planning, preparation, and compliance for ISM, ISPS, MLC and  all other statutory compliance requirements.


Ships Supply


Our, technical department prepare the best cost effective planning of maintenance work and planning of spares purchases.

Management of the supply of stores and spares in a prompt and economic manner is one of the keys to good management.

Our technical departments  worldwide purchasing network is also ideally placed  to maximize leverage of our buying power to obtain significant discounts.

The high quality of Sudoservice technical ship management is reflected in the company`s excellent loss prevention record  which  in turn  strengthens the company`s insurance relationships and terms.


Detailed List of Technical Department's Services;


•    Marine Consultancy

•    Technical Management (approved by RMRS  and  NK  class)

•    Shipyard Consultancy (arranging best SY offers, Technical Assistance during SY period)

•    Main & Auxillary Engines Supply & Repair,

•    Steel Renewal & Steel Constructions,

•    Deck & Cargo Gears Supply & Repair,

•    Repair and manufacturing of pipelines and accessories;

•    Heat-exchangers Supply & Repair;

•    Hydraulic systems Supply & Repair,

•    Automatic and control systems Supply & Repair;

•    Radio Navigation Equipment Repair & Certification,(Radio Survey, SBMA, Radar-Ais-Vhf….),

•    Electrical Equipment Supply & Repair,

•    Technical Consumables & Spares,

•    Ropes & Hawsers Supply,

•    Rigging Equip. & General Deck Items Supply & Repair,

•    Marine Paint & Painting Equipment Supply,

•    Safety Equipment Supply / Service & Certification,

•    IMO Posters & Symbols Supply,

•    Hold Cleaning Materials & Chemicals Supply,

•    Nautical Publications & books, BA charts, nautical instruments Supply,

•    Medicine Supply,

•    Stationery Supply,


Underwater Services;


•    Underwater Maintenance & Repair

•    Security Inspections

•    Class Approved Underwater Surveys

•    Hull Cleaning And Propeller Polishing

•    Propeller Repair & Replacement

•    Class Approved Permanent Hull Insert Repairs And Cofferdams

•    Underwater Plate Thickness Determination

•    Rapid Response To Collisions And Groundings

•    Underwater Welding And Painting

•    Stabilizer Fin Replacement

•    Iccp System Replacement

•    Propulsion System Replacement

•    Stern Seal Replacement

•    Underwater Sensors & Sonar Installation, Repair, And Replacement

•    Underwater Acoustic Cladding, Installation, And Repair

•    Sbm Subsea Maintenance

•    Hydrographical Surveys


All described items above are included but not limited to our services.

We have Turkish, English and Russian speaking executives / technicians.

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