We have made it our principle to act responsibly towards our customers, partners, and suppliers at all times with professionalism, openness, tolerance and respect
As an agency, shipping , forwarding , technical supply , ship repair and salvage service provider, we do everything in our power to implement our customers' specifications as quickly and smoothly as possible. In doing so, our competent and motivated staff pursue a shared objective: to find the right solution to ensure that customers demands are met safely and on schedule. Only in this way we are able to set standards in service quality and added value.
We believe in the importance of our people and in recognizing the role they have each played in our success.

Company quality policy includes;

• Immediate assistance to our clients
• Teamwork based on leadership and experience
• Implement of procedures by which problems can be identified and solved at moment or before they occurred.
• Qualifying and training of our personnel in order to be in condition to offer the service level required.
• The definition and standardization of the different tasks providing a responsible execution according to documented procedures, in order to prevent mistakes instead of correcting them.
We review our quality management system and policy periodically and also improve their efficiency.